Custom Dyno Tuning Services

Custom Dyno Tuning Services

G-Force offers custom tuning for all LSx & LTx motors from 1999 to present. Mike Whitehouse, known for his expertise tuning in the LSx world, takes pride in making sure the customer is satisfied with the drivability & power of the tune! The shop is equipped with a Dynojet 248x, AFM-1000 Wideband Sensor, HP Tuners Software, and a GM Tech-II to help make sure everything goes smoothly during the tuning process! All prices include custom tuning, dyno time, street tuning & dynograph print-out. All tunes are by appointment only.


Custom Tuning

  • Naturally Aspirated (6-speed) Custom Tune: $500
  • Naturally Aspirated (Automatic) Custom Tune: $550
  • Forced Induction (6-speed and Automatic)  Custom Tune: $600
  • Direct Injection (2016-present) Custom Tune: $750
  • E85 Conversion: $750
  • Speed Density Custom Tune (2 and 3 bar): $750


Mike also tunes remotely for customers that are out-of-state. This requires that the customer have a laptop, computer knowledge, HP tuners software & customer supplied datalogs. Please email for details on remote tuning.

Remote tunes start at $400



A retune discount is offered for existing G-FORCE customers. If an existing customer returns to G-FORCE for upgrades or additional modifications on their previous tuned vehicle, the retune is $250 plus 100/hr for addittional dyno time. This is NOT transferrable. Not all retunes are the same, and this does NOT apply for outside work or E85 conversions. Please email for details.


Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Phone: (281) 993-5451
Cell/Text: (281) 797-977eight
E-Mail: GForceMike@gmail.com

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