Custom Dyno Tuning Services

Custom Dyno Tuning Services

G-Force offers custom tuning for all LSx & LTx motors from 1999 to present using the fctory GM computer. Mike Whitehouse, known for his expertise tuning in the LSx world, takes pride in making sure the customer is satisfied with the drivability & power of the tune! The shop is equipped with a Dynojet 248x, AFM-1000 Wideband Sensor, HP Tuners Software, and a GM Tech-II to help make sure everything goes smoothly during the tuning process! All prices include custom tuning, dyno time, street tuning & dynograph print-out. All tunes are by appointment only.


Custom Tuning

  • LS Tunes starting at $600
  • Direct Injection (2016-present)Tunes starting at $850
  • E85 Conversion tunes starting at $950
  • Speed Density Custom Tune (2 and 3 bar) starts at $750
  • Diagnostic Tuning starts at $150/hour


At this time we are NOT offering remote tuning



A retune discount is offered for existing G-FORCE customers. If an existing customer returns to G-FORCE for upgrades or additional modifications on their previous tuned vehicle, the retune starts at $400. This is NOT transferrable. Not all retunes are the same, and this does NOT apply for outside work or E85 conversions. Please email for details.


Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Phone: (281) 993-5451
Cell/Text: (281) 797-977eight
E-Mail: GForceMike@gmail.com

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